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July 28 2016


Why Real Estate Is A Great Place To Put Your Money

Investing money in different financial instruments or vehicles is definitely one good step towards your own financial freedom. It also brings you a step closer to accumulation of wealth. However, you might be wondering where to invest money in order to achieve these two ultimate goals.

There are good investments that you can go with. Some of these investments include buying shares when their prices are low and selling them when their prices are high. The best place to put money to grow is in real estate or investment property. This industry has seen a lot of individuals make quite a lot of money for themselves and become millionaires.

There are many reasons why real estate is the best place to put money. One of the reasons is rental income. When you purchase a certain piece of property, you can rent it out to other people. A tenant or a couple of tenants will then pay a certain amount for the use of your property. The amount that you get is your rental income which, in part, you can use to cover expenses related to maintain the structure and, in part, save for yourself. This way, you can passively get money without having the need to work at all.

You can rent out to families, individuals. You can even rent out to business organizations. Usually, the latter can provide you with rental incomes that are bigger in amount. Aside from that, a famous business organization or establishment is also a safer option for a tenant.

You can also enjoy tax benefits on both the interest rates and on the improvements. You can deduct such amounts from the rental income. As a result, you can get profits that are free of taxes. The cash flow is also on the positive side of the spectrum.

With these two top benefits, you might be eager now to know how to invest money in the industry. There are a couple of options that you may opt for. Here they are:

·         Basic Rental Property – You buy a particular property, whether a house or a condominium unit and rent it out to tenants.

·         Real Estate Trading or Flipping – You purchase a certain property, often at a low acquisition cost, and then sell it at a higher purchase price. The period between the purchase and sale of such property is generally less than six months.

·         Real Estate Investment Groups – You can buy some units from a certain company that will buy the building or property. They will manage your units for you, from advertising to maintenance, while they get a certain amount from the rental income. The remaining income is your profit.

·         Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT – A trust or corporate will utilize the funds of investors to purchase properties. They will then distribute the income through dividends.

Indeed, the real estate industry is the best place to put money 2016. With it, you can enjoy numerous benefits. It can also help you in building up your own wealth.

December 24 2013


AWeber Review: Pros, Cons and Comparison to Alternatives and Competitors

The members inside marketing with email guru services tend to be Frequent Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, as well as iContact. We are about to enjoy that review American Ideal design and make a few slashes prior to many of us also are able to the actual The movies circular.

iContact is out with friends.

The particular screen is clunky and difficult to use (and next from us! I’m familiar with managing user-unfriendly interfaces). It may be fundamentally the identical value since Frequent Make contact with.

Between your outstanding three options, there is a choice to generate: cost-free or given. MailChimp offers a no cost be aware of approximately 2, 000 members. You could be enticed to buy often the free solution with no additional consideration. Hold on tight.
Totally free vs . Paid for Combatting typically the “free is usually better” thinking process
MailChimp is put back to only two, 000 subscribers. If you are ever likely to have an overabundance when compared with two, 000 subscribers (and Hopefully one does! ), you will end up purchasing MailChimp, therefore be sure you provide good assessment. You may think “I could often try out a different paid provider basically potential away MailChimp’s free approach. ” You are able to. But it will surely be described as a large head ache and you will then virtually definitely reduce customers. Choose supplier you are able to invest in for that long haul. In the event that’s MailChimp, more desirable due to the fact it is cost-free at first.
Assist Problems
MailChimp will offer a totally free bank account because they never supply support. Should you be an experienced designer as well as net crypter, this may not possible be an issue. If you’re such as regular consumer although, you could wind up requiring several assist. Rarely allow your pride receive the best of an individual. Inadequately carried out email promotions can easily find yourself costing you greater than when compared with when you merely paid for a monthly subscription service charge to include help support. When you go for cost-free, be sure you understand where you will switch when you want help.

Okay, ever since many of us covered the Totally free vs Paid problems, time to examine each one service.


MailChimp will be enjoyment. It’s the amount of email address provider that produces you want to subscribe. Actually , MailChimp is the initially email marketing service provider We at any time used. it is very colorful, pleasant, and enjoyment. They have a chimp towards the top of every single page along with amusing terms within a quote real estate. Often the provider arrives loaded with free of charge themes also it combines simply other providers including PayPal, ZenDesk, Salesforce, e-junkie, Myspace, Twits, as well as EventBrite. They also have the “auto-responder” characteristic for you to time-delay announcements to be able to consumers when they become a member of your own collection (a encouraged email address, regarding instance)

The actual assistance is usually plainly created for non-technical users (as it should since there is no support). You can certainly generate attractive messages with MailChimp.

Creating an account regarding MailChimp

In totaly the advantages:

User friendly for novices The usage Auto-responders
Free regarding way up only two, 000 readers Pre-made layouts and wizard Transfer pictures

User friendliness: Even though the service is made for non-technical consumers, sometimes they will be in the pattern of by themselves. The color along with artwork demanding web pages take longer to load compared to typical web page. This could definitely not seem like a great difficulties, but it might be irritating. In addition, often the “hold your current hands” way of making brand new email campaigns slows down you actually decrease thoughts is broken comfy from creating messages. I typically locate by myself contemplating “GAH! Leave your my very own technique and also to allow make this happen! ”

Branding: MailChimp’s emblem inside towards the bottom of every email address you send upon cost-free trading accounts. This can appear smaller but it really can have larger significance. I hope you have a very purposive as well as coherent model. All you could claim is to do on the web is definitely in the concert for your vision. MailChimp’s company logo eliminates from your brand along with your concept. As an example, if you want customers to take action–to donate or indicator a petition or even inform a friend–your call to action may take on MailChimp’s logo design. Your own subscribers are now being took in a couple of guidelines: one where you want them those to go as well as the additional in order to MailChimp’s website
Creating to order: Just about all email address layouts are manufactured by way of MailChimp’s theme system. You cannot find any solution to significance your own template, you must focus on their own and individualize. While at the 1st this might could be seen as a benefit (easy in order to customise themes! ) it could possibly speedily put in to some downside as most MailChimp templates have a similar standard designs and designs. It can be difficult to identify including a progressively more crowded internet, difference is necessary

Aweber is really a boss throughout email marketing. All their interface is usually minimal and provide an individual what you have to have to be able to produce, timetable, along with send out advertisments. You could include along with Myspace and also Twitter to advertise your information over social media. Much like MailChimp, they have a variety of whole body selections for instance PayPal, e-junkie, 1ShoppingCart, as well as Yahoo and google Google shopping cart. Their auto-responder (followup) device is best inside the business–you can build up a few messages to be sent after the customer ties together your own collection. Enough time wait is actually in accordance with typically the communication just before in order to very easily change checklist using their company drag-and-drop function; unlike MailChimp whoever auto-responder is arrangement in accordance with often the register particular date this means you need to edit every information in order to affect the obtain. Their screen would possibly not look significantly less useful but it is rather comparable to MailChimp (or any kind of electronic mail provider), simply with much less fancy graphics.

The almost all powerful area of Aweber’s service is definitely all their 99% or even previously mentioned deliverability rate. If your electronic mail doesn’t make it through on the person, practically nothing different matters. Aweber’s possesses one of many top (if definitely not THE PARTICULAR highest) deliverability pace in the industry. If you mail they have got using Aweber, you can rest assured it is during towards your subscribers.

Sign-up regarding Aweber review here

In summary the Pros
Great, reactive support Integration Auto-responders
Capacity to get custom made themes Quickly load period 99% or perhaps above deliverability involving messages Pre-made, personalized themes Capability to use fully custom templates
Simply no wizards: Unlike MailChimp, Aweber does not take just about any step by step wizards for preparing email promotions (for several, that is a bonus)
Absolutely no document uploads: If you would like embed photos, the doctor has to be published anywhere else (your web site, Flickr, Photobucket, etc)

Frequent Contact
Constant Call is really a mix of Aweber of MailChimp. It offers a superior some of the flashy attributes which make MailChimp using the small business focus of Aweber. Including Aweber and also MailChimp, Constant Contact provides a few premade email address templates in addition to (also similar to Aweber) provides the ability to develop your very own from stratch. Continuous Contact’s autoresponder series is relative to typically the subscriber’s sign-up particular date which makes reorder the routine (or putting brand-new emails inside the middle) difficult. Continuous Contact’s is definitely prices is a lot like Aweber’s.

Creating an account to get Frequent Speak to
In summary the advantages
Pre-made, custom themes Chance to utilize absolutely personalized templates Add photos Auto-responder

Watch this AWeber video review and tutorial from YouTube now:

Absolutely no integrations
“User friendly” interface could be clunky
Continuous Speak to, MailChimp, Aweber, iContact Review September seventh, right before christmas // John Gerald Murphy

The top gamers within e-mail marketing providers are usually Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, in addition to iContact. I’m planning to enjoy that review American Idol fashion and make a number of reduces before most of us even arrive at typically the Hollywood spherical.

iContact is otherwise engaged.

Often the user interface is clunky and hard to use (and next from my family! We are used to working with user-unfriendly interfaces). It’s basically the identical price tag seeing that Continual Call.

Between your staying three remedies, you will have a decision to produce: free or perhaps paid for. MailChimp comes with a free of charge account for as much as two, 000 subscribers. You may be silly enough to buy the particular cost-free selection without even more thought. Hold out.
Totally free vs . Paid for Combatting the particular “free is usually better” mindset
MailChimp is actually release in order to 2, 000 subscribers. In case you are at any time going to have an overabundance of when compared with 3, 000 subscribers (and I hope you need to do! ), you will be investing in MailChimp, and so make sure you provide good evaluation. You could think “I may constantly try out a new paid lending institution basically maximum available MailChimp’s cost-free program. ” You could. And it will be considered a massive throbbing headache and you may practically certainly free clients. Choose company you could invest in for your long term. In the event that is MailChimp, even better given that it is free in the beginning.
Assist Concerns
MailChimp can offer a no cost account for the reason that will not provide assist. Should you be an experienced artist and also net coder, this can not be an issue. Should you be just like the common person however, you could possibly turn out needing to wear a few support. Rarely allow your pleasure obtain the best of you. Improperly implemented email campaigns can certainly wind up costing you greater than compared to should you merely paid a monthly membership cost to incorporate support. If you choose free, be sure to understand you choose to turn when you need assist.

Ok, now that most of us included often the Free of charge against Compensated worries, we need to examine each service.

MailChimp is usually exciting. It may be the level of e mail service that makes you would like to enroll. Actually , MailChimp could be the initial email marketing supplier My partner and i ever used. it is very bright colored, pleasant, in addition to exciting. They have a chimp in first place on each one webpage with hilarious sayings in a offer real estate. The actual assistance happens loaded with cost-free web themes plus it works together with simply other providers such as PayPal, ZenDesk, Salesforce, e-junkie, The facebook, Twitter, along with EventBrite. Next to your skin a “auto-responder” function to help time-delay communications for you to consumers when they be a part of your personal listing (a welcome email, for instance)

The actual provider is usually clearly designed for non-technical users (as it should be because there is no support). It is simple to produce attractive messages with MailChimp.

Joining with regard to MailChimp

In summary the professionals:

Convenient to use for freshies Integration Auto-responders
Free intended for upward two, 000 subscribers Pre-made layouts and sorcerer Post pictures

User friendliness: While the services was created for non-technical customers, occasionally they will enter the pattern of themselves. Area in addition to graphics extensive web pages take longer to launch compared to average web site. This could certainly not look like a great troubles, nonetheless it could be frustrating. Additionally, often the “hold your hands” ways to producing brand new email campaigns slows down you down when you are comfy in generating e-mail. My partner and i often locate me personally pondering “GAH! Step out of my approach and also to allow me to do this! ”

Personalisation: MailChimp’s brand inside the at the end of each and every email address that you mail upon cost-free webpage. This could appear to be small but it can have greater outcome. Hopefully you have a purposive in addition to coherent company. All you declare is to do online is actually in the show for your vision. MailChimp’s company logo removes out of your manufacturer as well as your concept. As an illustration, if you prefer people to consider action–to contribute or even signal a case or even tell some sort of friend–your proactive approach will contend with MailChimp’s brand. Your current members are increasingly being took in a couple recommendations: one where you want them them how to head out plus the additional to MailChimp’s website
Choices: Just about all email layouts are created via MailChimp’s theme system. There is no way to importance your own personal design template, you have to start with theirs and also personalize. While at the first this can appear like an added bonus (easy to help modify web templates! ) it can rapidly turn in with a disadvantage seeing that all of MailChimp web templates have the identical simple cool layouts and designs. It can be tough distinguish and tremendously crowded internet, differentiation is important

Aweber can be a leader in e mail marketing. All their user interface is minimal and provides anyone that which you will need as a way to make, timetable, and also send strategies. You may include with Myspace and also Bebo to promote your own meaning around social websites. Similarly to MailChimp, there is a quantity of integration alternatives for example PayPal, e-junkie, 1ShoppingCart, and Search engines Google shopping cart. Their very own auto-responder (followup) program is the better from the business–you can method some e-mails to be directed following a client brings together your record. Some time wait is definitely relative to the actual communication ahead of so you can effortlessly change record utilizing their drag-and-drop functionality; unlike MailChimp whoever auto-responder is usually setup in accordance with the sign-up date which means you have to alter each information to be able to alter the buy. Their software might not exactly seem to be a lesser amount of useful nonetheless it is quite similar to MailChimp (or any email provider), merely having fewer brilliant design.

Maybe the almost all engaging aspect of Aweber’s assistance will be their 00% or perhaps above deliverability charge. If the e-mail would not make it through into the person, practically nothing in addition things. Aweber’s possesses one of several highest (if not THE PARTICULAR highest) deliverability price in the business. If you mail they have got along with Aweber, you are able to rest assured it really is getting through for your people.

Creating an account to get Aweber

To conclude the good qualities
Outstanding, responsive assistance Integration Auto-responders
Capacity to have custom made web templates Fast weight time 00% as well as over deliverability associated with announcements Pre-made, easy to customize web templates Capacity to use fully customized layouts
Zero wizards: Contrary to MailChimp, Aweber don’t have any kind of step-by-step wizards for creating email promotions (for a few, this is a bonus)
Zero data file uploads: If you would like add graphics, they need to always be hosted elsewhere (your web site, Flickr, Photobucket, etc)

Continual Speak to
Constant Call can be a mixture of Aweber of MailChimp. It provides some of the fancy features which will make MailChimp using the small business focus of Aweber. Just like Aweber and also MailChimp, Constant Speak to presents some premade email address web themes as well as (also like Aweber) offers you a chance to make your personal via stratch. Regular Contact’s autoresponder collection is usually in accordance with the actual subscriber’s sign up day which makes reorder the string (or incorporating brand-new announcements inside the middle) troublesome. Continual Contact’s is costs is just like Aweber’s.

December 23 2013

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Guillaume de Machaut: Poetical Works

Manuscript (Ms. français 1586), 300 x 210 mm (folio size)
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve.

The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.
— Robert M. Pirsig (via lazyyogi)
Reposted byDietzFrauJulewhats

I am seriously so stoked for this Giveaway(s). All the ladies I'm doing business with are just wonderful and so talented. I don't know why I didn't think to do something like this before.

If all goes well and my budget permits me to do so, I think I’d like to start doing this every month or every other month with a different feature artist each time.


Also, it is beyond me how when I'm at home I'm havin' to pee every hour or two, but you bet your sweet ass if I'm on a plane or in a car 4 hours doesn't even phase me. Bladder just shuts off.


Every time I eat whipped cream or ice cream or even hot cocoa I alwaaayys crave milk. Why you so good and refreshing milk?

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The most embarrassing movie you will ever see.

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The new Soppy mini-comic is here and if you want one, you can get it in my shop!


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Little close-up from my upcoming children book “Le Petit Loup Rouge” (The little red wolf) ( • >•)/
Have a nice christmas holidays !

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a christmas present for my other brother! he wanted an illustration involving an animal

i wanted to do a sort of depiction of a spring spirit emerging at the end of winter

i was going to wait to post this til later, but i feel bad not being able to update monster pop! while i’m sick, so here you guys go <3

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here’s the correct source: http://philippajrice.com/soppy/

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Part 4 of my *Support Fat Babes/Artists* Giveaway!

This portion of the giveaway is good for up to $20 worth of prints/greeting cards/zines from Penny of http://pennyloafing.tumblr.com/ & http://pennycandystudios.storenvy.com/.
As you can see, she specializes in wonderfully beautiful body posi/feminist art as well as adorable fan art.

Rules for entry:
1) You do not need to be following me.
2) Reblogs and likes will count towards one entry each.  You may reblog as much as you like, but you should probably be mindful of your followers.
3) Must be your actual blog (ie no giveaway blogs)
4) Please have your ask box open so I can contact you if you’re the winner.  If you are the winner, I’m going to need your e-mail so we can discuss what items you would like from the PennyCandyStudios shop.
 If the original person drawn does not reply back within 24 hours, I’ll move on to pick another number.
5) Entries will be accepted until January 1st, 2014 at 12am EST and I will be selecting a winner with a random number generator.
 I will be paying for the shipping to either the US or Canada.  People who do not live in either can still participate, but keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for the difference in shipping costs.

Good luck and make sure you check out the other parts to this giveaway! :3

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I need an injection of some strong feel goods that will last more than an hour or two.

Or at least something to protect against the strong feel bads for long periods of time.

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Today, I got my Tarot read by a witch. This outfit is so coordinated because I had to send some signals to the goddess of fashion. Outfit details and the story of my future is on Imaginary Ghoulfriend.

I hope more perfect hair, eyeliner and accessories are seen for my future in my next reading.

p.s. major thanks to beccabae for the scarf and “nope” ring. She’s a sweet hearted fox.  

you should totally go check out and follow this awesome lady who is as inspiring and strong as she is beautiful.  A+++ would recommend

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